Underground Rigid Rail (The Newest Way To Use Structure)

Conveyors serve a variety of different purposes, whether they’re located in the warehouse, in the mine, in a facility or quarry. You already know that the type of conveyor you select should be contingent on the location it’s set to be installed in as well as the product it’s designed to move. However, when it […]

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How To Choose Conveyor Structure

Like how the chassis of an automobile helps offer ruggedness, durability and smooth driving, the structure of a conveyor largely performs a similar role. It doesn’t matter what industries your conveyor is servicing – from sand and gravel to silver, salt, trona, potash, copper or coal – the structure is important and cannot be taken […]

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West River Adds Structure & Belt to Conveyor Packages!

West River recently added both conveyor belt and structure to their conveyor equipment packages. In years past, West River has supplied only terminal group packages that include drives, take-up units, tail sections, discharge/transfer stations and belt starters. As the need has risen for customers to have a one-stop-shop, West River has worked diligently over the […]

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