Dirt conveyors are ideal for short-duration jobs that involve moving dry soil, aggregate, sand, gravel, wet slurries, and mud. We fabricate them in narrow widths and short lengths to better access confined spaces.

We may mount them on a wheeled undercarriage for improved mobility for specific applications. Long distance runs are easily covered by cascading from one conveyor onto the next. Cleats or buckets on the belts prevent material rollback.

A dirt conveyor from West River Conveyors will move more tons per hour than you could achieve with wheelbarrows or a fleet of trucks—while requiring just a fraction of the labor.

Applications for dirt conveyors include:

At West River Conveyors, we are the foremost experts in building systems for conveying wet, dry, heavy, and abrasive materials in places like mines, quarries, ports, storage yards, power plants, and construction sites.

We build our custom dirt conveyors from high-quality materials while sourcing components from industry-leading manufacturers. We’ll engineer a customized dirt conveyor system to meet your exact requirements. Contact us below to learn more.

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Overland conveyor system at concrete plant

Overland Conveyors

A 42” wide conveyor can move as much dirt as a small fleet of trucks! Reduce labor costs and improve efficiencies with a custom-designed overland conveyor system from West River Conveyors.

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Radial Stacker Conveyor

Radial Stacker Conveyor

Radial Stacker Conveyors allow you to solve common stockpiling challenges with high stacks of material by rotating radially in an arc. You can stockpile large amounts of material in high and wide piles without continually moving equipment.

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Conveyor belt moving gravel at construction site

Surface Conveyor Belts

Dirt, soil, and aggregate can cause premature wear and tear on standard conveyor belts. West River Conveyors carries a wide range of brand-name and high-quality belts to help increase efficiency while reducing downtime.

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About Our Dirt Conveyors

West River will custom-design, manufacture, and install a dirt conveyor system that will outperform a fleet of trucks or workers with wheelbarrows, saving your operation time and money. We’ll customize and optimize the structure, dust control components, belt construction, and drive system to ensure that your new custom conveyor adds value to your operation while solving your toughest material moving challenges.


A dirt conveyor can move from 25 to 50 tons/hr depending on width. Shorter conveyor lengths offer superior mobility, especially when mounted on a wheeled undercarriage. Reduce side spills with troughed belts or ask about side extensions.

West River Conveyors can prepare a custom package meeting your requirements for a dirt conveyor.

Conveyor Types:

Custom packages typically include:


Accessories can improve productivity and safety while boosting the ROI of your dirt conveyor. Examples include:

Thanks to our decades of conveyor manufacturing experience, we can accommodate requests for unique or unusual features that will increase the utility of your dirt conveyor.

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Conveyors and Machinery to Match Your Applications

West River Conveyors will design, build, and install a customized dirt conveyor system for your application. With over 40 years of experience, our expert engineers will help solve your toughest material-moving challenges. Contact us below to speak with a specialist today.

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