Offering gear reducers, couplings, backstops, and other conveyor parts, Rexnord is a leader in power transmission. They’ve been in business for over 100 years and produce drive components for some of the most challenging applications on Earth. Mining, quarrying, cement, and energy are just a few of the industry sectors that rely on Rexnord gearboxes and reducers.

As specialists in conveyor systems and components, West River Conveyors carries a wide selection of Rexnord conveyor parts to satisfy the power transmission needs of our customers. Rexnord also owns the Falk brand, so if you buy Falk parts you’re getting Rexnord engineering and durability.

Find Rexnord conveyor parts that suit your operational requirements. For sizing, availability, and pricing, please contact West River at 800-332-2781.

Rexnord Reducers/Gearboxes

Reducers and gearboxes slow shaft rotation to increase the torque available for driving conveyor systems. Rexnord makes concentric foot and shaft-mounted reducers in a wide range of ratios and torque bands. These are available for horizontal, vertical and tilted installation.

Rexnord engineer their reducers for high reliability by building-in self-alignment features, by using high-quality bearings, and through appropriate material selection. Known for excellent seal protection and their ability to handle heavy shock loads, Rexnord reducers are among the lowest in total cost of ownership.

Check our complete line of available reducers/gearboxes here.

Rexnord Reducer Gearing

If you need to deliver more torque or increase conveyor speed, Rexnord makes it easy. Their Planetgear reducers are designed for fast changes of ratio in the field. Or, if you’re rebuilding a reducer that’s served its time, just order and install replacement reducer gearing.

West River Conveyors carries a wide range of Rexnord reducer gearing. Whether you’re changing ratios or rebuilding an older unit, we can help.

Check out our reducer gearing inventory here.

Rexnord Backstops

Backstops protect workers and machinery from sudden or unexpected reversal. This can happen when a heavy load is dropped onto a belt or when a conveyor component fails.

View our backstop inventory here.

Rexnord Couplings

Couplings do more than just transmit motion between shafts. They accommodate misalignment, reduce, even eliminate, vibration, and protect equipment against shock loads. These conditions can lead to failure in inferior couplings but Rexnord, and Falk brand, couplings are designed to last.

Rexnord couplings are available in grid, flexible, rigid and fluid designs. Grid couplings are often a good choice in applications of high torque and vibration. Flexible couplings are often easy to install and will handle high levels of vibration. Fluid couplings are essential for soft starts and for protecting motors and gearboxes against sudden stops.

Check out the couplings we have available here.

Looking For Rexnord Conveyor Parts?

West River Conveyors maintains an inventory of Rexnord parts for conveyor systems.

Need help choosing the correct parts for your application? Our team is standing by to help with your selection.

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and have a large selection of Rexnord power transmission components available directly from our warehouse. We offer shipping, ordering, and replacement parts, too.

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