Power Packs are the motive source…

of any size take-up unit. A power pack’s primary function is to provide the necessary hydraulic/oil flow in gallons per minute to properly power a take-up. The power pack serves as a reservoir to store oil for the pump. The flow of oil in the power pack determines how fast the carriage travels to the take-up unit. The pressure created by the power pack is the determining factor in the strength of pull the take-up achieves. Take-up units, as discussed here, must have a power pack in order to function properly.

West River Conveyors carries a variety of hydraulic power packs for use with our take-up units. We stock power packs for a number of different size take-up units with standard t-frame motors — including 5, 7.5 and 20HP. We also build power packs to suit your specific needs. Our engineers have successfully manufactured custom hydraulic power packs for many different take-up styles and sizes.

40Hp Hydraulic Power Pack
100HP Power Pack Left
100HP Power Pack Right

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