When it comes to coal conveyor systems, many are generic and require customization to work properly for a specific application. West River Conveyors designs our conveyor systems to meet your needs and demands. We build our highly customizable conveyor systems with high-quality parts that will enhance the performance and efficiency of your coal handling operations. Contact us below for more information, and we’ll follow up quickly to help you find your perfect solution.

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Recommended Products

Underground Conveyor Systems

West River Conveyors understands the multiple challenges of underground mining operations. Dust, long runs, and confined spaces require a customized conveyor to meet or exceed your expectations.

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Conveyor Structure

Our full range of highly engineered underground conveyor structure will provide you with a turnkey conveyor solution. Our underground rigid, catenary or wire structure come in CEMA B, C, D, E, and E+ arrangements and can be used for both longwall and room and pillar operations.

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Underground Conveyor Belts

Our underground conveyor belts can withstand the harsh operating environments of coal mines. Our Depreux straight-warp, multi-ply, and steel-cord belts have a long life expectancy and good impact resistance.

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About Our Coal Conveyors

Many of the processes used in coal handling, preparation, and other manufacturing applications depend on conveyors to get the job done. These conveyor systems must integrate seamlessly into the entire operation while operating reliably and effectively. West River Conveyors will provide you with a turnkey coal conveyor system that fits perfectly into your processes. We have decades of experience working with coal companies to custom-build the perfect conveyor system for various applications and scenarios.

Custom Coal Handling Conveyor Packages

Whether you’re starting with a used conveyor, rebuilding an existing one, or starting from scratch with a new, custom-built system, we have the experience, resources, and capability to assemble the perfect conveyor package for your application.

Custom packages commonly include the following components:

Coal Conveyor Accessories

Because we specialize in customized conveyor systems and products, we can also accommodate unique conveyor accessory requests.

Although some accessories may be unique to a specific application, some of the most common conveyor accessories include:

For availability and pricing on conveyor accessories, call 800.332.2781.

Companies We’ve Helped


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Daily and Periodic Maintenance for Conveyors and Parts

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Conveyors and Machinery to Match Your Application

At West River Conveyors, we have 40 years of experience designing, building, and installing customized coal mining conveyor systems. Our reliable products and dedication to customer service make us the go-to choice for solving your toughest challenges. Contact us today to speak with a specialist who will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with an intelligent and competitively priced solution.

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