Foote-Jones, a Regal-Beloit company since 1990, is one of the oldest names in power transmission. They manufacture a wide range of reducers and reducer gearing, including shaft-mount designs. 

Foote-Jones products are known for their robust construction and the quality and strength of their gearing. Through-hardened shafts, rugged housings, oversized bearings, and durable premium seals are hallmarks of their construction.

Since 2004 their reducers, gearboxes, and gearing have been manufactured in Aberdeen, South Dakota. When you buy Foote-Jones gears and gearboxes from West River Conveyors you’re getting high-quality, American-made products.

Find Foote-Jones power transmission parts that suit your operational requirements. For sizing, availability, and pricing, please contact West River at 800.332.2781.

Foote-Jones Reducers & Gearboxes

Reducers and gearboxes ensure motor torque is multiplied as needed to drive your conveyors. In heavy-duty environments like mining and quarrying, these units endure high start-up loads along with vibration and shock impacts. Strength and reliability are paramount, but they must also be designed for ease of maintenance and eventually, rebuilding.

Foote-Jones reducers and gearboxes are produced in concentric, worm gear, parallel, and right-angle shaft configurations. Shafts are through-hardened and gears are hobbed after heat treatment for maximum precision and long life. 

A wide range of housing dimensions, gear ratios, and shaft sizes ensure there’s a model to suit every application. Their worm gear reducers, in particular, are produced in an extensive variety of configurations.

Check our complete line of reducers/gearboxes here.

Foote-Jones Reducer Gearing

In challenging environments like mining and quarrying gears wear and can be damaged by shock loads. Rather than replace a complete reducer or gearbox a rebuild can be significantly less expensive. Alternatively, it may be worth changing gearing ratios to improve conveyor performance.

Foote-Jones gearing is known for accuracy, excellent surface finish and quiet, trouble-free operation. If refurbishing or upgrading a Foote-Jones reducer or gearbox West River Conveyors can provide the reducer gearing you need.

See our full line of reducer gearing here

Foote-Jones Shaft-Mount Reducers

Shaft-mount reducers deliver torque multiplication/speed reduction in a compact package. In most cases a Foote-Jones reducer is a direct swap for whatever brand of unit is already in place, enabling performance and reliability upgrades with minimal downtime.

Foote-Jones produces a range of shaft-mount reducers with various horsepower ratings, bore diameters and ratios. Regardless of size, all are built with durable seals, shafts machined from high strength steel and bearings selected for optimum life and load-carrying capability. High strength ductile iron housings reduce transmission of vibration and a large oil sump helps ensure good lubrication.

Search our complete line of available shaft-mount reducers here.

In Search Of Foote-Jones Conveyor Parts?

West River Conveyors carry a large inventory of Foote-Jones power transmission products. For advice on the best solutions to your power transmission needs, talk with our specialists. They are standing by to help you make the best selection for your operation.

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and a large selection of Foote-Jones parts available directly from our warehouse. We also offer quick ordering and shipping of replacement parts.

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