Fabrication is a big part of what we do at West River Conveyors and we’ve recently upgraded our capabilities to cut costs and improve quality. These now include robotic plasma cutting of steel beams, tubes and channels, plasma plate cutting, welding, cleaning, and coating. 

If you need steel fabrication work, from one-offs to higher volume, we can help.

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The conveyor systems we build and install make extensive use of structural steel fabrications. We design and fabricate these for the toughest, most demanding conditions and applications. You’ll find them used underground, overground, in conditions of high humidity and dust, in corrosive environments, and where there are temperature extremes. No situation is too challenging or too harsh.

Challenges in fabricating large steel structures include cutting holes to tight tolerances, positioning heavy pieces, and managing welding distortion. West River Conveyors engineers use Solidworks for design and advanced cutting technology to produce blanks. Our welders are highly-experienced and very skilled at welding low, medium, and high carbon steel as well as aluminum if needed.

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To improve the quality of our fabrication work and the speed at which we get it done, West River Conveyors recently made some significant investments in manufacturing technology. New and enhanced capabilities include:

Mantis Vision F6 3D Scanner – For capturing the layout and configuration of existing equipment. The ability to import scanned data into our Solidworks system helps us ensure new fabrication work integrates easily with the old.

PG-14 Series CNC gantry plasma cutting machine – Equipped with a 275A Spirit IIA torch, this cuts thick steel plates up to 14’ wide quickly and accurately.

PCR42 plasma cutting robot – This state-of-the-art machine downloads CAD files from Solidworks and uses machine vision and robotics to cut beam, tube, and channel to size and add holes and markings. As it needs zero setup time and cuts on all four sides, it’s effective even for one-offs.


Dustless blasting – Cleaning structural metal fabrications for welding and coating is no longer a dirty, dusty job. This helps prevent weld cracking, improves coating adhesion, and makes for a better working environment, too.

Powder curing oven – If they’re not made from stainless steel, fabrications need protection against corrosion, and powder coating is an excellent way to achieve that. Our large walk-in oven provides an even, consistent cure on the parts being coated.

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We can design and fabricate large steel structures for clients in the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Regrettably, size and weight make it uneconomical to ship further afield.

Examples of what we can produce include:

  • Roof trusses for buildings
  • Bridges and bridge components
  • Parts for industrial equipment
  • Gantries
  • Platforms
  • Walkways
  • Stairways
  • Hoppers and storage bins

If you’re within reach of our facility in Oakwood, VA and you need fabrication work that’s durable yet accurate, we can help. 

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Primarily a builder of high-quality conveyor systems for clients in industries like mining, quarrying, ports, and power generation, West River Conveyors has extensive fabrication capabilities. Having grown steadily since our founding in 1981, we now have more than 125,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space and a workforce highly experienced in structural steel fabrication. We’d like to apply these skills to your next project.

Call us at 877-293-5885 to discuss your steel fabrication needs.

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