Conveyor guards are mandated by OSHA and MSHA. West River Conveyors can help ensure yours comply with requirements while minimizing their impact on operations and maintenance.

As specialists in conveyor and material handling systems for mining and bulk material handling industries, West River Conveyors understands both the environment and the operational needs. We can fabricate guarding that will keep your employees safe yet impose minimal restrictions on how they work.

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Conveyor Guards For Safety

Conveyors, underground, overland, stacker, belt, screw, and other types, have drive systems and often rollers. These create nip points. Effective guards prevent fingers, clothing, and limbs from being drawn in. These guards must fit securely around the nip point and must be durable enough to last in demanding environments.

MSHA literature discusses three methods of guarding:

  • Point-of-contact
  • Location
  • Area

Point-of contact guards enclose the potential nip point or points. Location guarding refers to placing moving parts where they cannot be accessed without special equipment. Typically, this means more than seven feet away from workers. Area guarding keeps workers away from an area with moving machinery or other mechanisms.

West River Conveyors can support all your point-of-contact and area guarding needs.

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Conveyor Guarding You Can Live With

There are times when guards must be removed. Maintenance, making repairs, and clearing jams are the main reasons. Effective guards are designed to make this possible without imposing an undue burden. Hinged access doors are sometimes an alternative to complete removal. 

In designing guards it’s important to ensure they are not too large or heavy. At the same time, closure, and securing methods must meet OSHA and MSHA regulations.

When you need belt conveyor guarding West River Conveyors will work with you to understand your requirements. Our engineers will measure the equipment and space and discuss your needs for access and removal. Then we will design and fabricate a solution that delivers what you need.

Conveyor Guard Fabrication

West River Conveyors can fabricate guards in a range of materials and structures. Solid sheet or plate is highly effective but impedes airflow and prevents inspection of the enclosed components. For this reason mesh sheet metal is often preferred, but if used must meet opening size and minimum distance requirements.

In area guarding applications, wire or other mesh may be acceptable. Our engineers will review your requirements and work with you on an appropriate solution.

Conveyor Guard Replacement

Guards will get damaged in service. Quick repairs and patches will likely not be acceptable to OSHA and MSHA and could earn you a citation. Prevent this by asking West River Conveyors to review, repair, and replace guarding as necessary.

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Conveyor Guarding Is An Investment, Not A Cost

Guarding deficiencies are a common reason for citations. By ensuring your conveyor guards are in good condition and do their job effectively you can avoid this cost.

A bigger benefit is that good guards prevent accidents. In addition to the human cost, accidents mean lost output. By keeping workers safe while minimizing inconvenience during servicing and maintenance, thoughtfully-designed conveyor guards from West River Conveyors will save you money.

Get Started With Better Guarding

As specialists in bulk material handling, West River Conveyors understands the challenges around keeping machinery safe. We also understand you need to live with the guards that you put in place. Our engineers will listen to your needs and work with you to design and fabricate the most appropriate structures, always keeping OSHA and MSHA requirements in mind.

Get started on better guarding today. 

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