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Our online parts inventory includes new, used and rebuilt conveyor equipment parts. If you can’t find the specific part you are looking for, contact our parts experts or call 800.332.2781.

Fluid Couplings by manufacturer, model, connection type, motore bore, and reducer bore

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Other Replacement Conveyor Parts

Looking for hard-to-find conveyor parts? Most likely, we have what you’re looking for. Here are some of the parts we offer that are a little less common and hard to find:

Read on for more information about each of these part categories, and feel free to contact one of our parts experts at any time for additional assistance.


Ensure that your conveyor is running smoothly and operating as effectively and efficiently as possible by outfitting it with the proper bearings. We have ball and roll bearings, designed for belt tensioning purposes and for use in conveyor rollers. Browse our selection today and contact us to speak with a parts expert about what style of bearing would best suit your application.

View our selection of bearings here.


If your conveyor works on an incline, then you’re going to need an anti-runback device, or “backstop.” Backstops are specifically designed to prevent a conveyor from rapidly accelerating in reverse, which can potentially lead to worker injury or material damage. The lack of a backstop can also result in conveyor belt damage. 

Any type of injury or damage will negatively affect operations, potentially taking such operations offline for days, weeks or even months. While backstops are most synonymous with inclined conveyors, they’re also used for flat conveyors, too. Backstops are available in both low and high-speed varieties from to Falk, Formsprag and Ringspann. Don’t assume that you don’t need a backstop with your conveyor, as this often overlooked component can spell big trouble for your operations if ignored.

View our selection of backstops here.


Brushless motors, motor drives, stepper motors, PMDC motors, housed AC motors — we’ve got them all, and they’re all critical to how your conveyor operates. Contact one of our parts experts for more information on what type of motor would best suit your conveyor or browse our comprehensive assortment of products from Reliance-Baldor-Dodge and Worldwide Electric at the link below.

View our selection of motors here.


Conveyors are made up of a system of pulleys. They work with the motor, belt and other components to move the conveyor, and in turn, move product on the line. Browse from our wide array of pulleys and sort them by type, size, brand, and capabilities at the link below.

View our selection of pulleys here.


Belt cleaning is important when it comes to any conveyor. It makes the systems safer, eliminates carry-back of materials and helps reduce the necessity and costs associated with maintenance. There are two types of scrapers, primary belt cleaners and secondary belt cleaners. 

Scrapers are especially essential in demanding environments, as material carry-back can do great harm to the effectiveness of a conveyor. Essentially, scrapers do exactly what they sound like they do — remove material from the conveyor belt so that it cannot be recirculated on the belt. Browse our selection at the below link.

View our selection of scrapers here.

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Avoid unplanned downtime and injuries that can arise from worn out conveyor belts.


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