Fluid couplings transmit power and enable smooth startups while protecting motors and conveyors from damage. If you need to replace an aging or troublesome fluid coupling or are working on a new installation, consider using Voith fluid couplings.

As conveyor specialists, West River Conveyors carry a wide selection of Voith fluid couplings to support our customers with their power transmission needs.

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Specialists in Power Transmission

Voith is a family-owned German company that makes conveyor and power transmission systems for extractive industries. Quarrying and mining are big markets for them.

The engineers at Voith understand the importance of reliability and uptime. They design for low wear and minimal maintenance in the harshest environments you can imagine. The Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) numbers for their products are legendary. If you buy a Voith fluid coupling you can be confident it’s going to deliver trouble-free service for a very long time.

Voith Fluid Couplings

A fluid coupling avoids the need for a mechanical connection between the motor and gearbox and/or conveyor. This prevents transmission of vibration and shock loads and reduces torque at start-up. Less energy is drawn and high-value power transmission system components suffer less wear and tear. It also simplifies multi or tandem motor setups.

The input shaft of the fluid coupling is connected to a turbine that moves through a liquid. A second turbine facing the first shares the same liquid. As input speed increases the liquid is dragged around the housing by the turbine. This motion is transferred to the output turbine which accelerates to catch up with the input. At constant RPMs, a fluid coupling transfers 96 to 99% of the input energy.

Fluid couplings are described as either constant fill or fill-controlled and as non-delay or delay fill. “Fill-controlled” refers to couplings with an external cooling circuit. Couplings used in mining are often constant fill with a delay chamber. The fluid is usually an oil, but for explosive environments, Voith produces couplings that use water.

West River Conveyors has Voith fluid couplings in stock, both new and rebuilt. This includes the popular 487 TV constant fill, delay chamber couplings rated at 3,000 rpm and 400kW as well as the smaller 422 TV rated at 3,000 rpm and 250kW. 

Note that Voith uses various connection methods on their fluid couplings. Remember to identify yours before ordering.

Check our complete line of available fluid couplings here.

Looking For Voith Conveyor Parts? 

West River Conveyors carry a wide inventory of Voith fluid couplings. 

Need help choosing the correct parts? Our team is standing by to help you make the best selection for your operation. 

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and a large selection of Voith parts available directly from our warehouse. We offer quick ordering and shipping of replacement parts

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