Conventional mining equipment used to extract and transport potash is critical in maintaining efficiency, durability, and staying competitive. West River Conveyors is here to help with your potash mining equipment needs.

We provide custom-designed conveyor systems, parts, and services to make your next Potash extraction more profitable. Our highly customizable conveyor systems, built with high-quality parts, help us provide the perfect potash conveyor systems, parts, or services that you need for your operation.

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Recommended Products

Underground Conveyor Systems

Underground Conveyor Systems

Long runs, confined spaces, and dust clouds are just a few of the many challenges underground mining operations face. We’ll build you a customized conveyor that will solve these problems and more.

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Conveyor Structure

Conveyor Structure

West River Conveyors offers a complete line of precisely engineered conveyor structures. Our wire structure, catenary, and underground rigid come in CEMA B, C, D, E, and E+ arrangements for room and pillar and longwall operations.

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Underground Conveyor Belts

Underground Conveyor Belts

Moving potash puts a tremendous amount of stress and strain on conveyor belts. We carry top-name brands, such as Depreux multi-play, steel-cord, and straight-warp belts that offer superior impact resistance and a longer lifespan.

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About Our Potash Conveyors

Potash mining operations are unique and require a customized conveyor system that will achieve operational efficiency. Using a fleet of trucks to move your potash is costly, inefficient, and poses a huge environmental risk.

West River Conveyors pulls from our decades of experience to provide you with a turn-key conveyor system that will reduce labor requirements while alleviating ecological concerns. Let us help you solve your toughest potash moving challenges.

Custom Potash Handling Conveyor Packages

We offer both used and new, custom-built conveyor systems. Maybe you just need your existing conveyor rebuilt—no problem, we have you covered. We have the experience, resources, and capability to assemble the perfect conveyor package for your needs.

Custom packages commonly include the following components:

Check out our Mosaic Potash Case Study and learn how we uniquely designed a back-mounted conveyor package that bolted to the roof of the mine instead of the floor to move the mined potash material to the surface!

Potash Conveyor Accessories

What makes us unique is that we are able to accommodate custom conveyor accessory requests due to our work with a vast variety of conveyor belt systems. Although some accessories may be unique to a specific application, some of the most common conveyor accessories include:

For availability and pricing on conveyor accessories, call 800.332.2781.

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Potash Mining & Processing Conveyor Equipment

Are you using a conventional mining technique and need the raw ore conveyed to a production hoist? Or are you using solution mining and require a conveyor to transfer the potash after it is extracted from the brine?

Whatever the production method may be, it is critical for process efficiency and operational reliability to have the best components in place.

With West River Conveyors, you get potash conveyor systems and components that are built around your specific needs. We have decades of experience working with potash companies to custom-build the perfect conveyor systems for a wide range of applications and scenarios.

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