When the conveyor stops, production comes to a halt. That’s why it’s essential to have the right conveyor belts for your material transport needs. 

Abrasive materials can cause rips and tears. High loads can lead to excessive extension, and when underground, the risk of fire is always a concern. Belt structure and cover must both be up to the task to avoid unplanned downtime and the risk of injury. 

West River Conveyors is an exclusive distributor of both underground and surface mining conveyor belts. We can include belts in conveyor package quotes so customers get the best possible deal.

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Underground Conveyor Belts 

High temperatures, heavy loads, high speeds and long runs mean strength, durability, and conformance to fire regulations are paramount. 

The fire-retardant underground conveyor belts we carry comply with MSHA, CAN and ISO standards to protect workers and physical assets from harm. Most underground conveyor belts are narrow and run at high speed for maximum capacity. However, for operations that can use greater widths Depreux conveyor belts are available in widths up to 84”. 

Tensile strength, impact absorption and wear characteristics are addressed in three separate constructions: multi-ply, straight-wrap and steel-cord.

Regardless of your underground mining application, West River Conveyors can accommodate other belt types upon request. 

For underground operations, West River Conveyors offers Firewall 1™ – Firewall II™, Deltatherm and Firemaster™ belts. 

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Surface Conveyor Belts

In surface mining, quarrying, tunneling, harbor or heavy-duty material processing operations the wrong conveyor belt could cost you dearly. 

Abrasive materials like clinker, iron ore, quartz, lignite, anthracite, gravel, and sand can rip and tear surface conveyor belts and high loads can cause excessive extension. Matching belt structure, cover, and strength to the load being transported ensures long life and low downtime. 

For surface operations, West River Conveyors offers Delta plied belts, DX/ST steel cord belts, and Deltatherm belts from Depreux.

No matter your surface mining application needs, West River Conveyors can accommodate other belt types upon request. 

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Cobra America

Cobra America imports conveyor belts and components made by Depreux for bulk material handling industries, including aggregates, mining, and tunneling. 

Fire-resistant belts meeting all relevant codes and standards are a particular specialty. Since its establishment in 2000 CobraAmerica has grown rapidly and recently moved into a larger facility in Bristol, TN.

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Depreux specializes in abrasion-resistant conveyor belts for quarries, harbors, and opencast mines. These are widely recognized for their robustness and durability, especially against impact damage, tearing, and rubbing. 

Depreux is also an expert in the manufacture of fire-resistant belts for surface and underground use. Depreux has manufacturing operations in both Europe and China and is recognized in particular for it’s weaving capabilities.

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Conveyor Belts For The Mining, Tunneling, Quarry, And Heavy-Duty Processing Industries

Structure and belt are necessary components for customers needing turnkey solutions for their conveyor needs. 

West River Conveyors offers excellent pricing on conveyor belt and structure, allowing us to be competitive when adding these components to a conveyor package.

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Custom Overland and Underground Mining Conveyor Equipment



Cost-effective solutions for hauling aggregates like sand and gravel over long distances.



Improve mining operations with custom conveyors that are tested for safety and reliability.



An online inventory stocked with gearboxes, fluid couplings and other parts ready to be shipped.



Avoid unplanned downtime and injuries that can arise from worn out conveyor belts.


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