When it comes to mining conveyors, there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” Each mining application is unique, and we pull from our decades of experience in the underground and overland mining industries to build highly customized conveyor systems to create a more efficient, safer, and profitable mining environment for our clients.

Applications Types


Conveyors keep aggregate segregation to a minimum while reducing emissions, dust, and noise.

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Asphalt conveyors ensure the material stays at an optimum temperature while preventing the need for a fleet of expensive trucks.

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Transport your cement from point A to point B without the risk of spills, product loss, or the added expense of maintaining a fleet of cement moving trucks.

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West River Conveyors will custom design and create a coal moving conveyor system to meet your demands while solving your toughest challenges.

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It’s critical to maintain quality and efficiency in the copper mining industry. A custom West River conveyor will allow you to remain competitive while taking advantage of our top-notch support and customer service.

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A customized West River conveyor can efficiently move more tons of dirt and associated products than you could ever achieve with wheelbarrows or a fleet of trucks while requiring a fraction of the labor.

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Dry Bulk

We can custom-design and fabricate a conveyor system to move any kind or type of dry bulk materials. You can also opt for a wheeled undercarriage for increased mobility.

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Fly Ash Remediation

Fly ash is a challenging material to move via trucks—it can blow away, creating huge environmental problems. A custom conveyor system designed explicitly for fly ash remediation will help you meet or exceed regulations.

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Frac Sand

Having the correct custom conveyor system is critical to ensuring safe frac sand movement. West River Conveyors can help minimize dust and spills while allowing you to overcome any challenges.

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A gypsum conveyor helps move crushed gypsum to the next step in processing.


Gypsum ore is heavy, abrasive, and sharp—and it can cause tremendous damage to a non-reinforced conveyor system. A belt conveyor is the most efficient way to bring gypsum ore to the surface. However, the conveyor system requires customization to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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A custom-designed conveyor system from West River Conveyors will safely and efficiently move your lithium materials while mitigating the potential for dust or spills.

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West River Conveyors will design and build a customized overburden conveyor system that will allow you to move your overburden materials efficiently.

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We can help you with your potash mining equipment needs by designing and creating a customized conveyor system that will improve efficiencies while allowing your operations to remain competitive.

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Precious Metals

Safely and securely move your precious metals and ores with a custom-designed and built conveyor system from West River Conveyors.

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Quarried Stone

Quarried stones require a highly customized and durable conveyor system. West River Conveyors will design and build a customized quarried stone conveyor to solve your toughest challenges.

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Heavy rock can quickly damage and reduce the lifespan of traditional conveyors. A custom-designed and built conveyor from West River Conveyors will stand up to the toughest of rocks and abuse.

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A salt conveyor package from West River Conveyors will ensure the quality of the product while improving efficiencies and allowing your operation to stay competitive.

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Sand and Gravel

We’ll custom-design and build a sand & gravel conveyor system tailored to meet your specific demands and challenges.

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The equipment that you use to transport your raw trona or finished soda ash to the surface is critical to ensuring safety, efficiency, and remaining competitive. West River Conveyors will design and build the ideal system to meet your needs.

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Safely and securely move mined zinc with a custom-designed and built conveyor system from West River Conveyors.

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Companies We’ve Helped


Improving Transfer Assembly for a Buchanan Coal Mine

Learn how West River Conveyors successfully completed a coal transfer assembly for a major coal producer.

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Conveying Sand For An Aggregate Producer In Cottageville, South Carolina

Discover how West River Conveyors completed the shipping and installation process of a 1,000-foot overland conveyor system.

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Read on to learn more about the multiple advantages overland conveyors offer over mining trucks.

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Conveyors and Machinery to Match Your Application

A custom-designed, built, and installed conveyor system from West River Conveyors will improve efficiency, reduce the potential for product loss, require less labor, and allow your operation to remain competitive. Contact us below to learn more.

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