Overland conveyors are a cost-efficient and reliable way to transport bulk material over long or short distances. Civil engineers can often route construction conveyors across a variety of difficult terrain types in a more direct path than roads. Without the expense and pains of truck haulage, a conveyor system allows you to create a safe, productive material transportation solution that eases environmental concerns and cuts labor and fuel costs.

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a construction conveyor moves gravel as part of a roadway development project


Civil engineering projects come in a wide variety. They may require transporting multiple types of material necessitating the need for specialized equipment like dirt conveyors, cement conveyors, and other gravel moving equipment.  

No two projects are the same, and every situation presents unique challenges, such as rugged topography and steep ground profiles, which influence conveyor design. Similarly, the type of substance to be transported also impacts design, as abrasive quality and material density affect conveyor transfer rates and power demands.

Because of these factors, construction conveyors typically require customization. Structure, drive system, belt construction, and dust control are a few of the components designers account for when developing a conveyor system for a particular civil engineering application.

Custom packages typically include:

From site clearing to road building to tunnel construction, West River Conveyors creates customized conveyor solutions for a wide range of requirements and various construction environments. Ask how we can support your next civil engineering project.

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We can engineer conveyor systems to transport:

  • Aggregate
  • Sand and gravel
  • Dirt
  • Topsoil
  • Dry bulk materials
  • Rock
  • Quarried stone
  • Recycled concrete
  • Blast/steel furnace slag
  • Ballast
  • Geosynthetic aggregates


The right accessories can significantly support the safety and productivity of people working around a conveyor system. They can also lower the total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance, extending service intervals, and improving reliability. Standard accessories for construction conveyors include:

For availability and pricing, call 800.332.2781.


We offer replacement parts to keep construction conveyor equipment productive so that it can transport material throughout the life of your civil engineering project. West River Conveyors supplies parts from brands such as Falk, Voith, Rexnord, and Dodge; parts include:

  • Backstops — Available in a variety of models and bore sizes.
  • Bearings — Pillow block, taper lock and flange, two or four-bolt design, split, or solid-housing styles.
  • Belt-Drive Sheaves
  • Conveyor belts — Cobra belts in RMA II and various rubber compounds, including high temperature-rated rubber.
  • Couplings fluid, gear, grid, elastomer, flexible disc, and Wrapflex couplings.
  • Dust Containment — Standard tail sections from Martin Engineering and custom-designed tail sections built by West River Conveyors.
  • Gear Boxes — New & used gear boxes and reducers.
  • Loading Sections — Standard sections from Martin Engineering and Richwood, and custom-designed loading sections built by West River Conveyors.
  • Motors — AC motors from Reliance-Baldor-Dodge & Worldwide Electric. Choose from 5-300 horsepower with custom RPM.
  • Pulleys — New and used head, bend, snub, take-up, tail, drum & other pulleys.
  • Shaft mount reducers — To suit a variety of belt widths, horsepower, and voltages.
  • Scrapers — Carbide or Urethane blades.
  • Reducer Gearing — From Dodge, Falk, and Sumitomo in a variety of models and teeth sizes.
  • Rollers & Idlers — CEMA, B, C, D, and E Inline, Training, Return & Retro roll idlers offered from PPI.

We can help you determine which components are right for your existing construction conveyor equipment. If you don’t see the part you want listed, ask us about availability—through our extensive industry connections, we may be able to source the exact part you need.

To expedite delivery please provide the following information when placing an order or requesting pricing:

  • Conveyor system model or type
  • Part description
  • Part model number, or part number
  • Part serial number

Call 800.332.2781 or Contact us online whenever you need replacement parts for a construction conveyor.


Established in 1981, West River Conveyors has a reputation for engineering durable, high-quality conveyor systems and supplying affordable parts. We’ve partnered with leading industry brands to provide the best experience and results and offer top-quality products at competitive prices. If you want to move construction materials, a West River Conveyors expert is ready to discuss your options.

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