Efficient power transmission is all about torque and rpm. The right gearbox delivers your conveyor system with the combination it needs, and never causes you unplanned downtime or maintenance headaches. 

If you need to replace an existing gearbox, want to upgrade your power transmission, or are working on a new installation, consider a Hansen gearbox from West River Conveyors.

Find Hansen conveyor parts that suit your operational requirements. For sizing, availability, and pricing, please contact West River at 800-332-2781.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Gearbox & Reducer Specialists

Hansen Industrial Transmissions has been in the transmission business for a long time. Independent for many years, since 2011 this Belgian gearbox manufacturer has been part of the giant Sumitomo organization. That’s given them access to some heavyweight technical resources for product R&D.

Hansen is known for robust, heavy-duty gearboxes with high axial and radial load-carrying capabilities and engineered for industrial applications. With their extensive experience supplying equipment for harsh environments they understand the importance of lubrication, bearing design and sealing in ensuring reliable, low vibration power transmission.

Hansen gearboxes/reducers are used in quarrying and mining operations as well as at harbor terminals, in petrochemicals and agriculture. Pick an industrial setting with a need for torque multiplication and you’ll likely find a Hansen gearbox.

Hansen Gearboxes/Reducers

When evaluating gearboxes there are several points to consider:

  • Reduction ratio
  • Input and output speeds
  • Input power
  • Input and output shaft orientation

Hansen gearboxes and reducers are available in several configurations and with different types of gearing. Configurations are split into parallel or right-angle and single or multi-stage. These may be engineered for either horizontal or vertical installation. Internally, bevel or helical gearing is used as appropriate.

Check our complete line of available reducers/gearboxes here.

Looking For Hansen Conveyor Parts? 

Hansen gearboxes are always in demand and at West River Conveyors we endeavor to offer as wide a selection as possible. Much of our inventory is made up of older, refurbished used models ideal for a drop-in replacement or upgrading existing power transmission capabilities. New and unused models are sometimes also available.

Need help choosing the correct parts? Our team is standing by to help you make the best selection for your operation. 

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and offer a large selection of Hansen parts available directly from our warehouse. We offer quick ordering and shipping of replacement parts.

For more information, contact us online or call us at 800-332-2781 today.

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