The most efficient way to bring gypsum ore to the surface is through a belt conveyor. However, the conveyor system requires customization to ensure safe and reliable operation. Gypsum ore is heavy, abrasive, and sharp—and it can cause tremendous damage to a non-reinforced conveyor system. The associated dust can also cause premature wear, tear, and component failures.

West River Conveyors will provide you with a customized gypsum ore conveyor system that will increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental risks. Let our expert engineers design, build, transport, and install a turnkey system that will meet the exact needs of your operation.

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Roof mounted Conveyor Systems in Potash Mine

Underground Conveyor Systems

Underground mining presents many challenges, such as long runs, dust, and confined spaces. West River Conveyors will build a customized gypsum conveyor system to solve these and many more challenges.

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Conveyor structure

Conveyor Structure

West River Conveyors offers a complete line of expertly-engineered underground conveyor structure. Our catenary, wire structure, or underground rigid comes in CEMA B, C, D, E, and E+ arrangements, and you can use them for longwall and room and pillar operations.

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Underground Conveyor

Underground Conveyor Belts

Gypsum mining puts immense stress on underground conveyor belts. We carry Depreux multi-ply, steel-cord, and straight-warp belts with excellent impact resistance and a long life expectancy.

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About Our Gypsum Conveyors

Achieving operational efficiency in a gypsum mine requires a highly customized conveyor system built to your exact specifications. We’ll provide a turn-key conveyor solution to increase productivity while reducing environmental spills and dust explosions. Put our decades of experience and proven track record to work for your gypsum mining operations.

Custom Gypsum Handling Conveyor Packages

West River Conveyors engineers will carefully study the required space constraints, throughput, and any other challenges of your gypsum mining operation. This will allow us to determine the optimal inclination, width, and belt speed to be able to propose an appropriate custom conveyor system.

A custom gypsum conveyor can incorporate the components, finishes, and materials that you require. The structure can be powder-coated or stainless steel. Motor and drives are selectable to suit your preferences or standards for voltage, size, and mounting location.

You get the exact system you need by choosing a custom gypsum conveyor. Custom packages commonly include the following components:

Gypsum Conveyor Accessories

There’s more to a conveyor system than structure and belts. West River Conveyors offers accessories engineered to improve productivity and reliability. Available as individual products or part of a package, these include:

We’re more than happy to incorporate other accessories if they help your operations improve safety, productivity, reliability, or simplify maintenance.

Call 800-332-2781 to discuss these or any other special requirements.

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Conveyors and Machinery to Match Your Application

West River Conveyors has over 40 years of experience building customized conveyor systems for underground mining operations. We’ll design a below-ground conveyor system to help you move your gypsum ore more efficiently. Contact us today to learn how we can solve your toughest gypsum ore moving challenges.

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