Fluid Couplings

West River Conveyors offers a wide array of Voith and Falk Fluid Couplings in a number of different model numbers, connection types, motor bores, and reducer bore sizes. Our inventory is consistently updated to reflect the latest coupling stock we have in-house for delivery to you.

Check the table below to find the Fluid Coupling you are looking for and complete the inquiry form to place an order or obtain more information on the part. If you can’t find your specific Fluid Coupling, contact us or call 800.332.2781.

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Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty and/or 1 year warranty on workmanship.

ManufacturerModelConnection TypeConditionSerial NumberInquire
DANA MESURE70-Surplus New216262AInquire About Part
FALK1420HFD41HFD41Rebuilt61997T-4Inquire About Part
FALK1420HFDD20HFDD20Rebuilt61997T-3Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFD132HFD132Rebuilt04-016423-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFD132HFD132Rebuilt579104U-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFD20HFD20Rebuilt010E0995-4Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20HFDD20Rebuilt05-016491-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20HFDD20Rebuilt06-0J2279-3Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20CHFDD20Rebuilt03316P-1Inquire About Part
FALK1584HFD25HFD25Surplus New93-066423-04Inquire About Part
FALK1584HFD32HFD32Rebuilt075056-02Inquire About Part
FALK1660HFDD132HFDD132Rebuilt96-016259-1Inquire About Part
FALK370HFD20HFD20Rebuilt06-0R0031-1Inquire About Part
TRANSFLUID19-Surplus New-Inquire About Part
TRANSFLUID23-Surplus New-Inquire About Part
TWIN DISK94-Surplus New216439Inquire About Part
VOITH366T-Surplus New7235650Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVR107TVRSurplus New7237928Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVTVVRebuilt7242234Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSTVVSRebuilt1042417Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSTVVSRebuilt7234925Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSTVVSRebuilt7201935Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSXPRebuilt1018124Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVS-XPXPRebuilt1018131Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVXGXGRebuilt1000691Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVFJTVFJRebuilt1025561AInquire About Part
VOITH487TVGTVGRebuilt917027Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVTVVRebuilt1083908Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVTVVRebuilt1111946Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVTVVRebuilt1108822Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGTVVGRebuilt116245Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGTVVGRebuilt1114188Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGTVVGRebuilt7242203Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSEEKRebuilt7232678Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSEEK-MNew7604360Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSTVVSRebuilt7228912Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSTVVSRebuilt1039048Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSTVVSNew7604360Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSXPNew7604539Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVS XPXPNew7604539Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVEXPXPRebuilt7211219Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVYFYFRebuilt7572700Inquire About Part
VOITH650TVV XPXPRebuilt7211216Inquire About Part
VOITH650TVVS XPXPRebuilt7211214Inquire About Part
VOTH487TVVGTVVGRebuilt7226322Inquire About Part

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