Fluid Couplings

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Choose from a range of new, used, and rebuilt Falk and Voith fluid couplings with a variety of connection types, motor bores, and reducer bore sizes.

Check out our current inventory for a full list of products that we carry. We constantly update our in-stock inventory models so check back periodically to see what we have available.

ManufacturerModelConnection TypeConditionSerial NumberInquire
TRANSFLUID19Surplus NewInquire About Part
TRANSFLUID19Surplus NewInquire About Part
FAlK1480 HFDD 20Rebuilt01-0E0118-3Inquire About Part
FALK1584 HFDD 25HFDD 25Rebuilt03-0J0324-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFD132HFD132Rebuilt04-016423-1Inquire About Part
VOITH1480HFDD20Rebuilt05-0P3081-1Inquire About Part
FALK1420 HFDD 20Rebuilt05-016647-1Inquire About Part
FALK370HFD20HFD20Rebuilt06-0R0031-1Inquire About Part
FALK1760 HFD 25Used96-067168-5Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20CGRebuilt03316P-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFD 132Rebuilt04-016423-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20GRebuilt06-0J2279-3Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFD20Rebuilt06-J2279-3Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFD 132Rebuilt57914U-1Inquire About Part
FALK1584HFD3232Rebuilt075056-02Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFDDRebuilt75763R-2Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt116245Inquire About Part
DANA MESURE70Surplus New216262AInquire About Part
FALK1480HFD132132Rebuilt579104U-1Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVRebuilt857010Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt917027Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVS948515Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVF-X951093Inquire About Part
VOITH650 TVVYSRebuilt957568Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt959431Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt959548Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVSEPKNew959566Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVGRebuilt1000694Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVS-XPXPRebuit1018131Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSRebuilt1018205Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVFJTVFJRebuilt1025561AInquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1029704Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSXPRebuilt1039048Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1045588Inquire About Part
VOITH650TVVRebuilt1046338Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1050760Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1051519Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1051523Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1055250Inquire About Part
VOITH650 TVVSRebuilt1055861Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSRebuilt1058882Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGRebuilt1070129Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt1083908Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVSCRebuilt1090235Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt1090235Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt1090238Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1095769Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVSCRebuilt1097750Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt1097756Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSRebuilt1102142Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1102145Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1102146Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1102149Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1102153Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSRebuilt1102154Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt1102155Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSRebuilt1107190Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt1108822Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGXGEARRebuilt1109056Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1110212Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt1111946Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGGearRebuilt1114188Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVSRebuilt1115150Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVRebuilt1116239Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVRebuilt1116247Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt7200098Inquire About Part
VOITH750TVVSXPRebuilt7201885Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt7201913Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVV-GRebuilt7205176Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt7205197Inquire About Part
VOITH487 TVVSRebuilt7205751Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt7205874Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVXPXPRebuilt7211219Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt7216263Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVGGearRebuilt7226322Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSGRebuilt7234934Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVEEKRebuilt7235379Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt7235433Inquire About Part
VOITH366TSurplus new7235650Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVR107Surplus New7237928Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSRebuilt7238179Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt7242308Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVVSNo sleeveRebuilt7242525Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt7243916Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVS06Rebuilt7555573Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSRebuilt7556505Inquire About Part
VOITH422TVVS06Rebuilt7556832Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVSRebuilt7567473Inquire About Part
VOITH562TVYFRebuilt7572700Inquire About Part
VOITH562 TVVRebuilt7589707Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVSXPNew7604539Inquire About Part
VOITH487TVVXPNew7609285Inquire About Part
FALK1480HFDD20RebuiltR/L03316P-1Inquire About Part
VOITH370HFD20R/L490390-40Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFDDRebuiltRL10296T-1Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFDD 20RebuiltRL150390-1Inquire About Part
FALK1420 HFDD 20Rebuilt94-017086-01Inquire About Part
VOITH422 TVVSRebuilt1055246Inquire About Part
FALK1480 HFD 20RebuiltR022006Inquire About Part

If you can’t find your specific fluid coupling, contact us or call 800.332.2781.

Need a Fluid Coupling Part Manual? Download one here.
Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty and/or 1 year warranty on workmanship.

Fluid Couplings Overview

A fluid coupling, or a hydraulic coupling, is a hydrodynamic device that transmits rotating mechanical energy between two axes, or drive shafts. They’re used to gently accelerate belt drives.

Fluid couplings:

  • Limit torque
  • Provide load sharing upon start-up, allowing for a soft start
  • Dampen torsional vibrations

Couplings increase your conveyor system’s overall productivity and longevity. Maximum energy savings is also achieved when fluid couplings are used, due to current peak reduction.

In today’s industry, fluid couplings are mostly used in heavy industry and marine applications, although fluid couplings were also used in automotive transmissions and electric motors until the late 1940s.

The primary advantage of a fluid coupling is that it allows the operator to change the speed of the power transmission without shock loading it. Couplings can provide overload protection to power transmissions.

Work with West River Conveyors

At West River Conveyors we always offer up-to-date stock and information on all parts that we carry in our warehouse. We are located in Oakwood, Virginia, but can ship fluid couplings and other parts across the nation. Our customer service is dedicated to listening to your needs and providing fast, reliable products to your job site.

If you are looking for a specific product or fluid coupling, contact West River Conveyors today. You can place an order online or call us directly at 800.322.2781.

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