Falk is one of the biggest and oldest names in power transmission. Today it’s part of the Rexnord family and remains a leader in couplings, reducers, gearboxes, backstops, and related mining conveyor components.

As conveyor specialists, West River Conveyors carry a wide selection of Falk conveyor parts to support our customers with their power transmission needs.

Find Falk conveyor parts that suit your operational requirements. For sizing, availability, and pricing, please contact West River or call 800-332-2781.

Falk Fluid Couplings

Falk fluid couplings protect motors, gearboxes, and conveyors against damage resulting from jams and shock loading. They reduce current draw at start-up, limit torque, dampen vibration and enable load-sharing.

New and rebuilt Falk fluid couplings are available from West River Conveyors. The extensive model range ensures there’s a coupling to suit almost every installation. They are available in non-delay and delay fill configurations and can handle up to 1,500 hp.

Check our complete line of available fluid couplings here.

Falk Reducers/Gearboxes

Between the motor and conveyor, there’s often a reducer/gearbox changing torque and rpm to deliver what the application needs. Users expect nothing less than trouble-free operation from these power transmission components as downtime is expensive.

Falk reducers and gearboxes are engineered for long life and exceptional reliability in high torque applications. West River Conveyors offers every configuration of heavy-duty industrial gearbox you might need: right-angle, parallel shaft, concentric shaft, worm and planetary, and with bevel, helical or combination gearing.

Falk shaft mount reducers are available in a wide range of ratios and for mounting horizontally or vertically.

Check our complete line of available reducers/gearboxes here.

Falk Reducer Gearing

Need to replace gearing? Rebuilding for more torque and lower speed? Then consider Falk reducer gearing. Whatever model of Falk reducer gearing you’re using, West River Conveyors can help. We offer both through-hardened and carburized gearing to suit your application. We carry a selection of gearing for older reducers and can remove and replace existing gearing as needed

Rebuilding a reducer can provide near-new performance for a fraction of the cost of a new reducer.

Check our complete line of available reducer gearing here.

Falk Shaft Mount Reducers

Falk shaft-mount reducers are designed for high performance and reliability and low runrates.. The compact design delivers high torque from a small space and stands up to rough-duty conditions. Switching to a Falk shaft-mount reducer often provides improved performance without needing a different layout or more space.

When replacement is needed, shaft-mount reducers make it easy. An innovative tapered bushing design enables rapid removal and installation, and without special tools. This minimizes downtime and gets your conveyor system up and running in less time.

Check our complete line of available shaft-mount reducers here.

Falk Backstops

A loaded conveyor moving in reverse is a serious safety hazard, as any resulting product spill could be very dangerous. In addition, reversal can damage the conveyor system and power transmission components. This can happen if a heavily loaded inclined conveyor stops. It’s also a risk on a flat conveyor subject to shock loading as that can also move the belt backward.

A backstop prevents this reversal. That’s why they should be considered essential on every inclined and many flat conveyors.

Falk True Hold backstops are low-speed devices, meaning they are intended for use at regular conveyor speed. All common drive arrangements – single, tandem and multiple – are addressed by the Falk range of backstops. When required, a Falk backstop responds instantly with no slip, protecting employees and equipment from injury. 

Check our complete line of available backstops here.

Looking For Falk Conveyor Parts? 

West River Conveyors carry a vast inventory of Falk conveyor parts. 

Need help choosing the correct parts? Our team is standing by to help you make the best selection for your operation. 

At West River Conveyors, we provide outstanding customer service and a large selection of Falk parts available directly from our warehouse. We offer ordering and shipping of replacement parts as well.

For more information, contact us online or call us at 800-332-2781 today.

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