Whether you are deep-shaft mining, solution mining, or using solar evaporation, the equipment used to mine and process salt is critical in maintaining efficiency and quality while staying competitive—and this is where West River Conveyors can help.

Our custom-designed conveyor systems help make your salt extraction processes more profitable. We build our conveyor systems with high-quality components that reduce downtime and increase service life.

Our expert engineers will work closely with you to design a system that exceeds your requirements.

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Roof mounted Conveyor Systems in Potash Mine

Underground Conveyor Systems

Long runs, dust, and confined spaces are just a few of the many issues that underground salt mines face. We’ll build a customized conveyor system that will help solve these tough challenges.

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Conveyor structure

Conveyor Structure

We offer a complete line of expertly-engineered underground conveyor structure. Our catenary, wire structure, or underground rigid comes in CEMA B, C, D, E, and E+ arrangements, and you can use them for longwall and room and pillar operations.

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Underground Conveyor

Underground Conveyor Belts

Salt mines can put immense stress on underground conveyor belts. Our Depreux multi-ply, steel-cord, and straight-warp belts have excellent impact resistance and a long life expectancy.

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About Our Salt Conveyors

Salt mining requires a customized conveyor system to meet the unique operational challenges. West River Conveyors has over 40 years of experience building conveyor systems for underground mining operations. We’ll design, create, and install a turn-key solution to improve efficiencies and solve your toughest problems.

Custom Salt Handling Conveyor Packages

We offer refurbished and new custom-built conveyor systems for any salt mining need. Our experience, resources, and capabilities allow us to assemble the perfect conveyor package for your needs.

Custom packages commonly include the following components:

Salt Conveyor Accessories

We can accommodate many custom conveyor accessory requests due to our extensive experience. Although some accessories may be unique to a specific application, some of the most common include:

For availability and pricing on conveyor accessories, call 800.332.2781.

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Underground conveyors consist of many different components. Discover the various factors that can affect the overall cost.

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Conveyors and Machinery to Match Your Application

Are you deep-shaft mining and need a reliable conveyor to haul the salt to the surface? Perhaps you’re using solar evaporation and need an efficient way to load the extracted salt onto vehicles. Whatever your production method, it’s critical for process efficiency and operational reliability to have the best conveyor components in place.

With West River Conveyors, you’ll get salt conveyor systems and components built around your specific needs. We have decades of experience working with salt mining companies to custom-design and create the perfect conveyor systems for a wide range of applications and scenarios.

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