Mining Conveyor Belt Comparison

Multi-ply? Straight warp? Steel cord? Something else? There’s more than just these categories of mining conveyor belt types that you need to consider when comparing equipment for your applications.  Sure, material type plays a huge role in what kind of mining conveyor belt you choose since operations typically occur in more demanding environments, but other […]

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How To Choose A Mining Conveyor Belt

There are many parts and components that help power a conveyor belt, regardless of its location or product application. There are idlers, winches, bearings, couplings, gearboxes, motors, fluid couplings, and scrapers — not to mention the structure as well. But one of the more overlooked components involved in a conveyor setup is none other than […]

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West River Adds Structure & Belt to Conveyor Packages!

West River recently added both conveyor belt and structure to their conveyor equipment packages. In years past, West River has supplied only terminal group packages that include drives, take-up units, tail sections, discharge/transfer stations and belt starters. As the need has risen for customers to have a one-stop-shop, West River has worked diligently over the […]

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