Leveraging Dust Containment Systems For Conveyors

Dust and work sites aren’t a good marriage, as dust can cause a variety of health issues for workers, safety issues on job sites and mechanical issues. It’s a big part of the reason why conveyor dust control should be a point of emphasis on work sites, especially in mines and quarries where dust is […]

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How To Prevent Wear & Tear On Conveyor Systems

Everything has a shelf life, even the equipment that’s built tough and designed to last. And, this principle certainly applies to conveyor systems. Think about what your conveyor goes through, especially if it’s operating in a mine or quarry. There’s dust, heavy loads, impact forces, and a multitude of various parts and components that are […]

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We Have the Capability to Build Custom Stacker Conveyors

West River has the ability to design any conveyor product to your specifications. Recently, West River designed a custom stacker unit for a Western mining operation. This unit was designed as a 30” BW conveyor system that was 50 feet in length. The stacker conveyor was built with heavy-duty structural steel for the entire length […]

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