10 Sand & Gravel Conveyor Replacement Parts That Can Boost Efficiency

Conveyor systems play a vital role in many markets and industries, however, they often vary by the material they’re being used to transport and the various demands that they’re required to meet.

This is especially true when it comes to conveyor systems in the sand and gravel field. When you work with such a demanding material, it’s crucial to have a conveyor that’s specifically built to fulfill your needs.

10 Sand and Gravel Replacement Parts

Optimizing your conveyor with the right replacement parts can help streamline efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s a look at 10 sand and gravel replacement parts to consider if you want to enhance efficiency when working various applications.

1. Scrapers (Belt Cleaners)

Primary and secondary high performance belt scrapers clean bulk material from conveyor belts.

  • Primary scrapers eliminate problems with carryback spillage.
  • Secondary scrapers are used in the final cleaning processto remove any residue left by the primary scraper.
  • Available in a variety of belt sizes and speeds from several different manufacturers

2. Bearings

The right bearings can greatly enhance conveyor productivity and reduce the potential for damage. Above all, bearings keep conveyor operations on track.

We offer different types of bearings, such as:

  • Pillow block
  • Taper lock and flange
  • Two-bolt design
  • Four-bolt design
  • Split or solid housing

3. Conveyor Belts

When you’re dealing with materials as coarse and demanding as sand and gravel, it can be a productivity killer to have to replace your conveyor belt regularly. That’s why it’s important to have your conveyor equipped with the right belt straight from the start.

We carry numerous underground and above ground belt options that offer high impact resistance and durability to work better for longer with demanding sand and gravel applications.

4. Couplings

If you want to enhance your belt drive, a fluid coupling is a wise investment.

These types of couplings don’t just work to cushion motors, but they help reduce torque overload, shock, and protect driveline components from damage.

In addition to fluid, other types of couplings we offer include:

  • Wrapflex
  • Flexible disc
  • Elastomer
  • Grid
  • Gear

5. Gearboxes

Gearboxes are arguably at the heart of any conveyor. They’re the key cog that drives operations, so it’s important that your conveyor is outfitted with the type that’s appropriate for the material it’s handling. After all, if the gearbox fails, so do the entire operations, which can cost you money in both repairs and lost productivity.

Some popular styles of gearboxes for belt conveyor systems include:

  • Helical
  • Worm
  • Bevel-helical
  • Parallel and right angle shaft-mounted

Many overland aggregate conveyor systems use smaller horsepower reducers and require internal backstops. Backstops are a key component for inclined conveyors for several reasons.

First, they serve as anti-runback devices to prevent material spillage and the loss of productivity and inventory that may occur as a result.

Second, they’re also essential to site safety, as a reversing conveyor can put workers in harm.

Last but not least, backstops help keep conveyors in good working order. Without a backstop, it’s not uncommon for reversing conveyors to damage drivetrain components, tear through the conveyor belt, or cause other damage.

Backstops come in low and high speeds and may be used on flat and overland conveyors.

6. Motors

Do you know what motor is right for your conveyor?

It’s important to consider variables like horsepower, voltage, phase, motor type and cycle when choosing the proper motor to complement your conveyor, especially with handling sand and gravel.

Having the right amount of horsepower can ensure that the belt doesn’t stall and continues working efficiently when excess weight is placed on it.

7. Pulleys

From head pulleys to bend pulleys to drum pulleys, and various types of lagging, pulleys perform the important role of helping a conveyor belt change direction.

Though pulleys may be more of an afterthought when it comes to parts in a conveyor system, it’s important to have a style that complements the performance of the overall system so that everything works in harmony. The wrong type of pulley can work against the system, limiting performance.

8. Shaft Mount Reducers

Shaft mount reducers integrate with the input pulley shaft, assisting with both low and high-speed side alignment, and offering a viable alternative to foot-mounted reducers.

The right shaft mount reducer also minimizes downtime, takes up less space than a foot-mounted reducer, and is more affordable to install and maintain to boot.

9. Reducer Gearing

Reducer gearings have the potential to play a pivotal role in the productivity and energy efficiency of conveyors. They work by helping to reduce speed, yet enhance torque, via gear sets.

Browse our selection of Dodge and Falk Reducer Gearings to find the right model and teeth size for your conveyor today.

10. Conveyor Structure

Sand and gravel conveyors use rigid rail structure that can be either channel mounted or truss mounted. Whatever your structure and idler needs may be, we have the right conveyor structure for your operations.

Our structure is powder coated for enhanced corrosion resistance, available in various belt widths, single frame or box frame designs, and built in our state-of-the-art facility. We also have different troughing idlers available in 20, 35 and 45 degrees and different CEMA ratings.

Additionally, we can provide high-strength rollers and idlers capable of running at fast speeds and high tensions to reduce shock and vibration, and better absorb the material weight.

Custom options are available.

Finding Sand and Gravel Replacement Parts for Custom Conveyors

Sand & gravel conveyors are used in a variety of applications so they require customization to meet specific demands. The combination of a customized conveyor system and high-quality parts allows us to custom build a solution fit for your needs and specifications.

We offer new and rebuilt sand and gravel replacement parts and services for your conveyor system.

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