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Fly ash is a difficult material to move, especially by truck. When dry it blows away easily, creating mess and environmental problems that lead to complaints and mechanical breakdowns. A better solution is a conveyor system designed specifically for the purpose.

The EPA mandated that all U.S. power plants have a solution in place by the end of 2016 for the safe removal and permanent storage of their fly ash and bottom ash, but the process can be difficult and risky.

West River Conveyors builds systems tailored to the materials being conveyed. The custom systems we create for the fly ash remediation industry use high-quality parts that maximize reliability and up-time.

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Custom Fly Ash Conveyor Packages

Fly ash remediation can be a complex undertaking. A custom conveyor system will handle more per hour than is possible with trucking while generating less dust and noise. We can help add on to or upgrade an existing system or deliver a completely new system engineered to meet your needs and expectations.

Our custom conveyor packages for fly ash remediation can include:

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Fly Ash Conveyor Accessories

As specialists in bulk material conveying systems, we recognize the challenges posed by different materials. Some are particularly heavy, have belt-damaging sharp-edges, or abrasive characteristics. When dry, fly ash is a light dust that readily coats surfaces with its combination of silicon dioxide and aluminum and calcium oxide. When wet it can become a heavy slurry that’s especially difficult to transport.

With our experience in conveying a wide range of materials, we’re able to recommend accessories and upgrades that will improve safety and reliability while reducing operating costs and inconveniencing downtime.  

Some applications need unique conveyor accessories but those most often asked for include:

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Conveyor System Integration

Conveyor systems used in fly ash remediation and elsewhere are often extended, modified, or even repurposed. When you’re investing in new equipment it must integrate seamlessly with what you already have.

Spare parts availability and inventory are also significant concerns for fly ash conveyor system operators. West River Conveyors understands the importance of this issue and works with operators to minimize the complexity and variety of equipment used. When specifying a new system or additional equipment for you we will look at what’s in place now and work with you to minimize your spare parts inventory.

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About West River Conveyors

Over four decades we’ve become known as a high-quality, affordable, and customer-friendly partner for the bulk material handling industries. In addition to fly ash remediation, the systems we have designed, installed, and upgraded are at work in industries from coal mining to salt, potash, and trona.

From our facility of over 115,000 square-feet in Oakwood, VA., we strive to deliver the best service, quality, and price for your conveyor systems and products. To that end, we’ve partnered with the best-regarded companies and brands in the industry. Now put us to the test.

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