Jerry Roulett

Co-Founder, President
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 308
Email: jroulett@westriverconveyors.com

Jerry Roulett is the Co-Founder and President of West River Conveyors. Jerry’s career began in Ohio with a four year trade apprenticeship. From there, he gained Mine Foreman and Electrical Maintenance Foreman certifications and worked as a miner for several years. With his partner Joe, they formed West River Conveyors in 1981 out of the need to rebuild mining equipment and conveyors for the mining industry in Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Southern West Virginia. Jerry’s 40+ years of experience in conveyor component design, mining equipment and the mining industry as a whole makes him an expert in conveyor component design. Jerry enjoys fishing, boating, shooting and spending time with his family.

Joe Street

Co-Founder, VP of Sales
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 307
Email: jstreet@westriverconveyors.com

Joe Street is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales for West River Conveyors. A former school teacher and public service figure, Joe decided he wanted to be in business for himself. With his partner Jerry, they formed West River Conveyors in 1981 out of the need to rebuild mining equipment and conveyors for the mining industry in Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Southern West Virginia. Joe’s expertise in speed reducers and conveyor equipment has made him a name in the industry. Joe’s certifications and knowledge come from more than 35 years in the mining industry. He’s a graduate of Pikeville College and the University of Virginia. Joe enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending time with his four grandchildren – J.J., Lucy, Cael and Mary Bryce.

Pete Savage

VP Business Development, Onsite Sales
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 304
Email: psavage@westriverconveyors.com

Pete Savage joined the West River team in late 2010. After spending almost six years in the United States Army, Pete joined West River as an Account Manager. Pete’s sales experience and expertise quickly evolved. Pete handles belt and structure and international sales for the company and also works in business development. Pete is a 2005 graduate of Virginia Tech and manages the Reducer Shop at West River. He enjoys climbing mountains, fishing, exercising, barbecuing and spending time with his family.

Jason Coleman

VP Production
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 311
Email: jcoleman@westriverconveyors.com

Jason Coleman joined the West River team in 2010 as the Production Planner. Jason’s past work experience at Ceramic Technology, AMS and Bucyrus have given him expertise in underground conveyor equipment and overland conveyor equipment design. Jason’s responsibilities at West River include purchasing, quoting, planning, and designing conveyors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, woodworking and spending time with his family.

Tina Clevinger

VP Finance
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 303
Email: tclevinger@westriverconveyors.com

Tina Clevinger has been with West River since the beginning in 1981! Tina has widespread experience in all things West River. Her responsibilities include accounting, purchasing, sales and much more. Tina’s knowledge about conveyor parts and drives is broad. Tina is able to assist with just about anything you may need. She enjoys traveling, motorcycle riding, her many animals and spending time with family.

Russ James

Underground Sales Manager
Phone Number: (970) 640-4675
Email: russjames@westriverconveyors.com

Russ James joined the West River team in 2014. Russ has extensive experience with underground conveyor systems, including sales, installation and troubleshooting. Prior to joining West River, Russ worked as an Underground Sales Manager and Conveyor Service Manager for FMC Technologies. Russ has been working with conveyor systems since 1986. His responsibilities at West River include working with customers to determine best conveyor equipment design options and needs, overseeing terminal equipment installations, and providing conveyor troubleshooting. Russ enjoys traveling, ATV’ing, working out and reading.

Richard Calfee

Account Manager, Western KY/WV/IN/IL
Phone Number: (540) 250-5060
Email: rcalfee@westriverconveyors.com

Richard Calfee joined the West River team in 2008. Richard has 33+ years of experience in mining and mining equipment. He has extensive experience in machine work, service work on underground belt drives and sales. He has certifications in both machine work and laser alignment. Richard has worked in sales for more than 13 years. He enjoys hunting, fishing, meeting new folks, and spending time with his family.

Andy Primozic

Account Manager
Phone Number: (681) 220-3308
Email: aprimozic@westriverconveyors.com

Andy Primozic joined the West River team in 2017 as an Account Manager. Andy has more than fifteen years experience in the mining and conveyor industry. Andy was formerly the Operations Manager for Motion Industries Charleston Repair Shop and was moved to outside sales in 2010 where he specialized in belt conveyor equipment. Andy has experience in the both the West Virginia, East Kentucky coal fields and the Illinois Basin. He brings expertise in speed reducers, couplings, fluid coupling and pulleys. Andy enjoys camping, hunting and fishing during his time away from work.

Andy Newcomer

Sales Manager
Phone Number: (724) 980-2931
Email: anewcomer@westriverconveyors.com

Andy Newcomer is a Sales Manager for West River and lives in Hyde Park, Pennsylvania. He has an extensive background in Sales, especially in the aggregate conveyor and belt industry. He came to West River in the Fall of 2018 and has been a valuable asset to our sales team. Andy enjoys riding his dirt bike, going to Conneaut Lake, having cookouts and spending time with his wife and two sons, Andy and Alex.

Jessica Savage

Marketing Manager
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450,ext. 305
Email: jsavage@westriverconveyors.com

Jessica Savage joined the West River team in 2005. After a few years absence from 2007-2010, Jessica returned in late 2010. Jessica handles Marketing, advertising, continuous improvement and business development. She is responsible for maintaining the website, and helping to generate new business through online activity. She is a 2005 graduate of Virginia Tech and enjoys running and spending time with her husband and three children, Lucy, Cael, and Mary Bryce.

Jessica Vanover

Human Resources Manager
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450, ext. 314
Email: jvanover@westriverconveyors.com

Jessica Vanover joined the West River team in April 2015. She is responsible for Human Resources functions including employee benefits, performance management, safety and compliance. She is working to bring more focus to employee development through leadership training and coaching. She has an extensive human resources background having been employed in the Human Resources Department at Suncoke Energy for the past eight years. She is a 2014 graduate of King University and enjoys running and spending time with her family.

Kenneth Roulett

Account Manager, Onsite Sales
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450, ext. 302
Email: kroulett@westriverconveyors.com

Kenneth Roulett joined the West River team in 2002 as an Account Manager for inside sales. Kenneth’s responsibilities include new and used parts sales. If you need a reducer, reducer housing or gearing, a sprocket, bull gears or other conveyor parts, Kenneth can help. He is a 2002 graduate of Radford University and enjoys mountain biking, running and spending time with his family.

Brian Williams

CAD Designer
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450, ext. 315
Email: bwilliams@westriverconveyors.com

Brian Williams is a CAD Designer for West River and is from Kentucky. Brian’s responsibilities at West River include material planning and conveyor design. He began his career with West River in 2017 but has experience as a machinist, as an engineering tech in a high volume automotive production facility, and several years of solid modeling and parametric mechanical design. Brian enjoys playing the mandolin, cooking, spending time outside and motor sports.

Ryan Lester

Shop Foreman
Phone Number: (276) 991-4450, ext. 317
Email: rlester@westriverconveyors.com

Ryan Lester has been with the West River team for over 20 years. His practical experience in conveyor equipment design and building is unmatched. Prior to working for West River, Ryan worked for Federal Pacific Transformers for a couple of years working on transformers from 7.5kva to 225kva. He holds both welding and Autocad certifications. Ryan’s responsibilities include management of first shift production employees. He enjoys restoring old cars, visiting historical landmarks and spending time with his family.

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